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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Born in the Wrong Era (and Time Travel)

It is currently fashionable, at least among my fellow youngsters, to decide that one's self was born in the wrong era, and consequently which would have been the correct era to be born in.

Foremost, this seems to be evidence of just how powerful we see ourselves. Instead of accepting our birth as it happened, we like to decide that it was an accident. Furthermore, do we have no hope in our collective future? Time travel is a widespread curiosity. Many people fantasize about going back in time to see what it was like, or even to live there. I doubt many of us would get along very well without modern conveniences, in the first place.

Maybe this is an extension of a want for personal identity. Everyone wants to feel special. If they identify with a certain period in history, then they can take on the reputation of those years for themselves.

If this is what we pine for, then who will work toward a better future? Our nation has focused on progress for hundreds of years. That is how we have arrived at our present position in the world and created all those wonderful eras that seem so novel compared to the Information Age. Should not our focus be creation and not spectating?

"When you glorify your past / your future dries up"

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